How do I register for the event?

Click REGISTRATION (from the side menu of this website) and follow the procedure.

If you are already registered on the platform:

  • Click HERE to access
  • Enter your credentials
  • Your enrollment is completed

If you are not registered on the platform:

  • Click on REGISTER
  • Type an easy username, such as: your name
  • Type an easy password, such as: your name followed by 123 
(use this username and password to access this platform)
  • Fill in all fields with your data
  • When done, click REGISTER
  • Your enrollment is completed

How do I know if I have successfully registered for the Course/Congress?

  • You will receive a mail confirming your registration.

How do I connect to the webinar on the day of the Congress/Course?

  • 24 hours prior to the Course/Congress you will receive a mail with the “Zoom” link to click to access the webinar.
  • You will receive another mail with the “Zoom” link one hour before the webinar begins.

What do I do if I have technical problems?

  • If you have any technical problems, you can always email us at:
  • You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Where do I find the video of the event?
 The video of the entire event will go online 3 hours after the event ends.

  • Go to https://nadirex.dnaconnect.sm/
  • Click “enter the course” under the event.
  • Click the “webinar video” section.

When will the certificate of participation be available?
All Participants will receive the certificate of participation when the Event ends.

When can I start the ECM questionnaire?

  • You can start filling out the ECM (Educazione Continua in Medicina) questionnaire when the event has ended.

How long will the questionnaire remain online?

  • The deadline for completing the questionnaire is 24:00 on 9 July 2021; after this you will no longer be able to access the questionnaire and receive the ECM credits.

When will the ECM certificate be available?

The ECM (Educazione Continua in Medicina) certificate will be sent by mail within 90 days after the event has ended, subject to the following conditions:

  • At least 75% of the answers on the ECM Questionnaire must be correct. Attention: only 5 attempts are allowed.
  • You must have participated in at least 90% of the webinar.