SIV-ISV Society

SIV-ISV brings together researchers and experts from the different areas of Virology, in order to promote their role and progress in all fields of research and application, involving all areas of Virology with equal dignity.


Arnaldo Caruso

Ordinary Professor of Microbiology and Clinic Microbiology – Molecular and Translational Medicine Department University of Brescia
Viale Europa, 11 – 25123 – Brescia
tel. +39 0303995650

Executive Board

Vice President

Canio Buonavoglia

Ordinary Professor of Infective Animal Diseases  Veterinary Medicine Department – University of Bari
Piazza Umberto I – 70121 Bari
tel. +39 0805443841


Giorgio Gribaudo

Ordinary Professor of General Microbiology Science Of Life and System Biology Department – Univeristy of Turin
Via Verdi, 8 – 10124 – Turin
tel. +39 0116704648


Luisa Rubino

Affiliate Researcher of Sustainable Plant Protection National Research Council
Via Amendola 165/A, 70126 Bari
tel. +39 080 5442936

Member at Large (1st)

Guido Antonelli

Ordinary Professor of Microbiology and Clinic Microbiology Molecular Medicine Department
University of Rome La Sapienza
Viale Regina Elena, 324 – 00161 – Roma
tel. +39 0649973074

Comitato consultivo

Elisabetta Affabris (Rome)
Fausto Baldanti (Pavia)
Lawrence Banks (Trieste)
Roberto Burioni (Milan)
Arianna Calistri (Padua)
Rossana Cavallo (Turin)
Dario Di Luca (Ferrara)
Francesco Di Serio (Bari) 
Alfredo Garzino-Demo (Padua) 
Antonio Mastino (Messina)
Maria Cristina Parolin (Padua)
Mauro Pistello (Pisa)
Enzo Tramontano (Cagliari)
Gabriele Vaccari (Rome)
Maurizio Zazzi (Siena)